This website features two innovative music learning methods. One method is for learning about music in general, and the other is for learning to play the steel string acoustic guitar in rhythmic (chord-based) styles. Both methods are based on a new and deceptively simple guitar notation called visualinear tablature, and both are well suited for self-instruction. Both methods are suitable for beginners, since neither assumes any prior musical knowledge or skill. Both methods are fairly comprehensive, and therefore have much to offer to those who are further along in their development as a musician and as a guitarist.

The two methods are explained and developed in Melody Guitar and Rhythm Guitar. These are the two manuals for the visualinear tablature guitar series, the collection of music instruction books offered for sale exclusively through this website. Each of these two manuals is followed up by a Core Catalog consisting of 10 volumes of music in a variety of styles, all of which is arranged for the guitar and notated in visualinear tablature. The learning materials given by the two manuals and the two complementary catalogs of music of the visualinear tablature guitar series are described in great detail on the pages of this website, which also contain more than 400 audio samples.

In short, there is much to consider on the pages of this website. An appreciable investment of time is required in order to achieve an understanding of the two learning methods, and of the many available ordering options. This required investment of time clearly does not reflect the prevailing wisdom that brevity is best in an e-commerce website. It is nevertheless unavoidable, because these learning methods are very innovative, and because these learning materials are intended for use by individuals with a wide range of musical skills and knowledge. And the simple truth of the matter is that a much greater investment of time is required in order to develop an understanding of music and skill as a musician and as a guitarist.

You can, however, readily determine whether the learning materials offered for sale on this website are well-suited to your individual learning needs. You can do this by listening to the audio samples on the home page of this website (especially the Rhythm Sampler CD excerpts, but also the audio Quick Clicks). You can move on if you like to the audio samples on the Guitar Ensemble Core Catalog page, the Rhythm Guitar page (the playing Exercises), and the Rhythm Guitar Core Catalog page. By reviewing the audio samples, you can determine whether learning to play these musical arrangements will move you forward in a direction you’d like to go. If you decide that it will, this website will provide you with a very well-defined and a very affordably priced means for achieving that goal.

D. L. Stieg