Melody Guitar -


This book is an instructional study detailing how to play melodies on the guitar. It is also a primer in music containing introductions to music history, music theory, musical performance, and music analysis. It is also the first book in, and the manual for, the visualinear tablature guitar series. The visualinear tablature guitar series is a collection of music books based on the guitar, and on visualinear tablature, an innovative and unique music notational system.

No prior knowledge or musical skill is assumed on the part of the reader of this book. While the study contained in these pages is therefore suitable for complete beginners, it may nevertheless prove useful and instructional for experienced guitarists as well. This is particularly true for beginning-intermediate level players who have no knowledge of music theory and music history, or who have no experience at playing melodies on the guitar.

Another important purpose of this study is to prepare the reader for making use of the numerous volumes of guitar ensemble music in the visualinear tablature guitar series. This extensive collection provides a unique opportunity for learning about many styles of music, including Classical music, by actually playing that music. This valuable and exciting learning opportunity is normally not possible for those who have not yet come reasonably far along in the mastery of a musical instrument. It is made possible in the visualinear tablature method mainly by the simplicity of the tablature itself. It is made possible also by the fact that, in guitar ensemble music, each player is assigned a reasonably simple part, like in music for a choir or for an orchestra. The resultant ensemble (group) sound, created by sounding the parts together, is often quite beautiful and quite intricate, despite the relative simplicity of the parts.

This book is closely connected with the Twelvemonth Music Web site, the Internet home of the visualinear tablature guitar series. On the Twelvemonth site, you can listen to each piece contained in the Guitar Ensemble Catalog by simply clicking on its title. This will allow you to determine for yourself the scope and breadth not only of this collection of music, but also of the innovative opportunity for learning about music that it represents.

Although no mention is made of it in the text itself, it has been assumed in this study that you will be making use of the .tef files (e-scores) for the Exercises. The e-scores are a fascinating and useful learning resource that can be used for any piece contained in the Guitar Ensemble Catalog, and that make learning fun and interesting. You can get everything you need to experience the Exercises contained in this study in the e-score format by going to the Free Downloads page of the Twelvemonth Web site, and by downloading the TefView Score Reader, the Melody Guitar Exercises, the Sample guitar ensemble parts arrangement .tef file, and the TefView Primer. If you have a computer, and you have Internet access, you are strongly advised to do so. You can also get these same materials (and more) by ordering the companion CD for this volume on the Melody Guitar page of the Twelvemonth site.